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About us

Flying model helicopters is one of the most exciting and versatile ways to spend your leisure time, however, also technically quite complex.
Everybody who once got in touch with flying a model helicopter very often stays amazed his entire life.

The company Heli-Factory has been found because of this reason. We, Bernd Bremer and Georg Maier got in touch and know each other for a lot of years. Since the very beginning we constantly grew our good and effective cooperation.

End of 2008 Georg Maier and Bernd Bremer agreed to merge to a common company, the Heli-Factory Bremer-Maier GmbH.
By this, a company has been established which can state with proud to be the leading manufacturer of model helicopters with turbine propulsion.

Permanent growth is based on perfectly built helicopters including optimal adapted turbine mechanics and exhaust gas system.
Over 90% of the built helicopters are built and coated according to original documents and flight-tested before they will be handed over to the customer.
Because of this you as a pilot will benefit from long-time experience and receive a perfectly adjusted and flying model.

What qualifies a good helicopter model? Frequently we have been asked why our models perform so well.
The experience and the fact that every model is dedicatedly designed by us from the very beginning enables an approach of permanent improvement.
That leaded to completely new sets of frames e.g. for the Hughes 500, the Big Airwolf, EC145, EC-145T2, AW139, Agusta A-109, the Gazelle, the LAMA and the BO 105.
Also dedicatedly optical glass fiber tank systems or turbine mechanics for individual models like PHT-3 L or PHT-3 XL have been developed.

The driver for an optimized turbine mechanics is an improved mechanical stability and a better weight distribution inside the helicopter.
That’s why we can build models like Hughes 500, Bell 205, Bell 212, Bell 412, EC-135, the Gazelle or the Lama extremely lightweight and without any trimming weight.

The less weight a helicopter has the more easily it is to fly. That is the secret of an easy flying helicopter.
Get access to a huge wealth of experience and let us consult you in the best possible way.

In the year 2009 we moved to our new facilities in Lindlar with a production floor space of 250qm.
We are looking forward to welcome you in our new facilities for a guided tour through our exhibition and production floors.

We look forward to welcome you

Georg Maier & Bernd Bremer
Managing Directors