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Models from various manufacturers

On the following pages we want to introduce you a selection of models which has been built at Heli-Factory.
For all displayed models we have gained amazing experience in/for all different construction phases and in practical flight situations.

Without a doubt remotely controlled model helicopters are very impressive.
Thinking back and comparing to the times of first model helicopters meanwhile the handling and operation of a helicopter got quite uncritical. Especially models with a rotor diameter of 1,8m and beyond impress with extremely uncritical flying features.

Most probably you already identified that we have built already an impressive amount of Hughes 500.
Although the Hughes 500 has not been the most often built model there has been a special reason why it got part of our company logo.
Maybe because it has not been so easy to finally reach the stage of perfectly flight features the Hughes has today.
That's why it always has been something very special.

In our picture-galleries some models are shown, which have been by our customers retrofitted with additional scale details. This optional upgrade parts are not included in our price list and must be requested separately by us and sold separately.