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Warning Notes

Warning notes

Putting into service a model helicopter can be very dangerous. By using a turbine engine inside a fuselage temperatures of up to 500°C (Celsius) at the chassis of a turbine and up to 700°C inside the exhaust jet.

Dealing with a model turbine requires, as with original full-side turbines, know-how, discipline, frequent service and maintenance to protect yourself and other people.
If you operate a model, independently which kind of propulsion you use, you have to get trained first by an experienced person. This person should also being able to support you to precautionary avoid mistakes.
In case you have any club in your area we recommend to join for proper support and training.
Mistakes and errors in building up and putting into service of a model can cause personal injuries and deaths.

Before you bring into service a model helicopter please make yourself familiar with the local laws of your country.
Legally a flight model is treated as an aerial vehicle which has to follow the according (local) laws.
The brochure “Luftrecht für Modellflieger” gives a summary of the respective German laws. You can review this in your local specialized dealer for RC models.
Furthermore you have to follow local regulation for using RC-Remote controls. The individual country specific guidelines have to be applied.

It is up to YOUR responsibility to protect and to avoid injuring other people.
The minimum distance from living areas and the safety for persons, animals and buildings has to be at least 1,5 km.
Please keep away from high power tension lines. Do not fly any model in case of bad weather conditions and low hanging clouds or in case of fog.
Never fly towards the sun. You may loose visual contact to your model. To avoid collisions with man-carrying aircrafts land your model immediately in case a man-carrying aircrafts is approaching.

Persons and animals has to keep following minimum safety distances to a turbine engine model:

in front of a turbine 4,5m
at side of a turbine 7,5m
behind a turbine 4,5m

Putting into service and operating a model and or a turbine during influence of alcohol, drugs and medicines, etc. … is strictly forbidden!
Operation is only allowed in case of best mentally constitution and concentration.
This is of importance for the operator as well as for the assistance.

Your model helicopter has been designed and built dedicatedly ONLY for model flying and for NO OTHER USE.
Never ever use your model for transporting humans or goods or use in any other way that only for model flying. Different ways of using your model can cause human injuries or death.

Any misuse or deviation from this guideline or the original manufacturer instructions, or the usage of non-original parts or materials or changes in the design can influence the proper functionality has to be avoided in any circumstances.

The operation of a model helicopter is only permitted under following the instructions of the respective operation instruction. Also pay attention to instructions regarding the gravity point and manipulation of rudders of the model in use. Required configuration setup has to be followed. Before starting a model all functions and all rudders as well the range of the remote control has to be tested. RC test has to be done when the antenna is NOT pulled out (or according to the required conditions of the manufacturer of the remote control).

This operation check has to be repeated when the turbine engine has been turned on.

Compliance to the assembly and operation manual of the RC model as well as the installation, the usage, the operation and maintenance of the built-in components in conjunction with the RC model CANNOT be observed by the company Heli-Factory.

Therefore neither the company Heli-Factory nor any of their employees do assume any liability for loss, damage or cost which may imply out of incorrect and faulty operation or incorrect behaviour of any person who uses or operates a RC model. Same is valid for any situation or consequence which may follow out of previously mentioned conditions.

As long as not obliged by legislation, Heli-Factory will not be liable for any compensation (incl. human injury, death, damage of facilities as loss due to profit reduction or loss due to intermediate stop of business or other indirect or direct consequential damages) caused by operation of models. Liability is settled in any case and all circumstances by the contract of work.

Putting into service and operation of a model and/or a turbine propulsion is under full responsibility and at risk of the buyer.

You confirm that company Heli-Factory CANNOT monitor nor observe compliance concerning construction, operation and use of the helicopter, turbine and the use of the remote control.

By Heli-Factory there has been neither any promise, contractual agreement, warranty nor any other agreement towards persons or companies regarding the functionality, performance or putting into service of a model and its propulsion. You as the operator relied at time-point of purchase of a model or any propulsion to your own expertise and your own competence to judge.